Enogastronomic tour

Private wine tour on Etna,Sicily private tours by Luca

Enogastronomic tour for wine and food lovers.

Today our  driver takes  you in the morning from your place

to visit two of the region’s top rated wineries as Murgo and Barone di Villagrande in an uforgettable Enogastronomic tour.

The world famous cuisine of Sicily is a reflection of the island’s bounty and biodiversity,

but while Sicilian ingredients have long been a part of the American culinary experience, the wines paired with these meals rarely came from Sicily.

Fortunately for wine lovers, that is changing.

Today, the Sicilia DOC is reviving the island’s vinous heritage so that both Sicily’s own pantheon of culinary delights as well as fine cuisines from around the world,

can benefit from the elegance and harmony Sicilian wines bring to the table.

Sicily private tours by Luca - wine tasting on Mount Etna

Now more than ever, Sicilian wine producers are focusing on the opportunities provided by the Mediterranean landscape.

The island’s climatic conditions are perfect for producing healthy grapes and extraordinary wines with distinctive flavors at incredible value.  

For those who have already enjoyed Sicily’s wines,

either with the island’s traditional foods or their own favorite international dishes,

one thing remains clear: Incredible food and amazing wines do not have to be expensive.

As wine lovers discover the best-known Sicilian grapes—Grillo, Catarratto, Nero d’Avola, Frappato and others—they find that the sun-kissed island is capable of producing a range of intriguing flavors, but ultimately it is Sicily’s authenticity that wins their heart.

Wine tasting tour - Sicily private tours by Luca

Our suggested itinerary:

First, we will take you to Zafferana to visit a local family honey farm to taste some local honey

 (orange, lemon, eucalyptus, strawberry.), almond pastries, olives, etc.

Then a scenic drive through the etna’s park with its lush orchards and vegetation,

and stop to visit two of the sicilian top rated Etna wine cellars and vineyards tasting their wines,(as Murgo and Villagrande)

which will be accompanied by some local delicacies like dried tomatoes, mushrooms, olives, salame, dry and fresh pepato cheese, provola cheese and ricotta cheese.

(please note: it is required to reserve the two wineries with at least one day in advance).