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Sailing and Windsurfing in Sicily

Sailing in Sicily it is pretty much awesome, the inlets and the wonderful minor Sicily's island represent the ideal place for visitors..

Sailing in Sicily for aficionados it is pretty much

a paradise,

the coastline, the inlets and the wonderful minor Sicily’s island

represent the ideal place for visitors,

however this activity is much popular along the northern coast

of Sicily.

True to their name (derived from the Greek God of wind),

the Ionian Islands guarantee a constant stiff breeze,

as does the distant Pelagie archipelago off the sothwestern


In 2005, the international races held in the waters off the coast

of Trapani as part of the prestigious America’s Cup trials

represented a landmark event for Sicily,

This, along with the coming and going nautical

yachts from all over Europe,

has had a very positive influence of late,

triggering a series of improvements in nautical tourism

facilities in the many port towns along the coast.

Sailing Yachts of various sizes and degrees of comfort are

available for charter at ports all around the island through

companies such as Onda Eoliana.

Many nautical centres hold sailing courses for the uninitiated,

including Centro Vela in Lampedusa,

though qualified multilingual crews can always be requested

to transport passengers who desire a thoroughly

relaxing sailing experience.

Syracuse sailing team offers a number of trips around

Sicily’s islands

and EtnaSail can also arrange an unusual trip

in a traditional

Turkish-style caicco boat.

The Velalinks website ( is helpful in locating

charter companies and instructors.

There are also several UK-based companies that organize all-inclusive

sailing holidays.

Windsurfing in Sicily

This energetic sport can be practised at most Sicilian seaside

resorts thanks to conditions that guarantee constant winds.

Virtually every beach in Sicily offers rental facilities.

Mondello beach just outside Palermo,

is well-served by Albaria Windsurfing club.


experts windsurfers claim that the best places for the sport

are Aeolian Island and the Capo Passero area in the south

where the Ionian and Mediterranean seas merge.

This same are is also favoured by kitesurfers.

The popular beach location of Pozzallo has rental facilities,

and experts instruction for different abilities is also available.

The Kitesicilia website ( offers suggestions

on the island’s hot spots and a list of local contacts.